What is the Water Utility Consumer Assistance Trust?

The Water Utility Consumer Assistance Trust provides financial support to customers of Watercare Services Limited (Watercare) who are struggling to manage their water and/or wastewater costs. It is a charitable trust that receives funding from Watercare, Auckland's water and wastewater service provider.

The Trust can also provide information on leak testing and ways to save water.

Water audit referrals can also be made to Eco Matters Trust who can review how water is being used in your home, identify areas where water could be used more efficiently, provide simple and effective recommendations

Please note the Trust can only consider applications relating to bills from Watercare.

Proposed Trust Meeting Date 2023Applications close one week
(7 days) prior to the meeting
Wednesday11 October
Wednesday8 November
Wednesday13 December

Wednesday14 February
Wednesday13 March
Wednesday10 April
Wednesday8 May
Wednesday12 June
Wednesday10 July
Wednesday14 August
Wednesday11 September
Wednesday9 October
Wednesday13 November
Wednesday10 December

There is no meeting held in January.